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No donation is too big or too small, and is greatly appreciated. Because of generous supporters like you, we are able to continue to do good work in our parish and greater community. From Council 17225 - THANK YOU!

Below are the various earmarked funds that are accepting donations at this time. Alternatively, you can choose to donate to our general fund. 


General Fund

Funds donated to this fund can be used at the leisure of the Council for various expenditures, including operations, special projects, or donations to other organizations/causes in line with our Faith.


Families In Need Fund

From natural disasters to falling on hard times, these funds will go to help families within our parish.

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Troops of St. George Chuck Boxes

The parish's Knights of Columbus teamed up to help create and/or purchase chuck boxes for the Troops. These funds will help with the building and/or purchasing of the chuck boxes.


Council-Sponsored Seminarians

Our council sponsors seminarians to assist them with their expenses related to their studies. A list of our current sponsored seminarians can be found, here.

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