In our efforts to give back to the community and support priestly vocations, our council sponsors seminarians to help assist with their expenses related to attending seminary. Most diocesan seminarians receive stipends from their diocese to help pay for expenses. FSSP seminarians have to raise $7,000 yearly for their studies. Because FSSP seminarians do not get the summers off to work, they rely heavily on donations from the faithful to fund their formation. Below are our current seminarians that we are sponsoring. If you would like to donate to their studies, click here.


Toan Cao

First Year Theology
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

I am 24 years old, native Houstonian. My family is from Vietnam, but they came over to the United States during the Vietnam War. I fell in love with the Catholic faith when I was 16 and, at that time, I put the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Confession, and a daily Holy Hour as the priorities of my life. These past seven years have been the most difficult, but also the most worthwhile years of my life. After three years at Franciscan University in Steubenville (2015-2018), I felt called to enter the seminary. By the grace of God, I entered and began my studies at the Fraternity's seminary in Nebraska. Please know of my prayers for all my benefactors and I humbly beg for your prayers. Thank you for your support!

Jairo Guerrero

Second Year Philosophy
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

I was born and raised in Mexico. When I was 12 years old, my family decided to move to the USA. Here in America, I became more interested in spiritual life. This led me to eventually join a minor seminary back in Mexico where I stayed for a little more than three years. In this period of my life, I started to take my faith and the teachings of the Church more seriously. It was a great opportunity for me to start working on my spiritual life. Eventually, I left the seminary and I came back to the US to pursue a major education while working full time. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. And it was at this time that I decided to follow the calling of Our Lord that had always been present in my life. In the Fall of 2020, after much prayer, I joined Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Nebraska.